lunedì 16 gennaio 2012

blue rabbit

"blue rabbit "
Canson Fontenay
32 x 41 cm
watercolour  painted from life

another toy study ....a still life of  "blue rabbit"  a  favorite soft toy of my daughters .

26 commenti:

Judy ha detto...

He is so sweet! Great study!

Lydie ha detto...

So sweet, so cute, so tender... a lovely rabbit.

Sandra ha detto...

This is SO adorable! What a LOVELY subject and I think the style really suits it too :0)

RH Carpenter ha detto...

Beautiful little bunny :)

Maria's Watercolor ha detto...

beautiful, amazingly done all in blue!

suzanneberry ha detto...

oooo jane!!! i LOVE THIS!!! amazing!

Sketchbook Squirrel ha detto...

Oh now, this bunny really is too cute for words :)

laura ha detto...

One color, one subject--you make the most of them in the way you handle the paint: a lovely painting; great lost and found edges!

Sadami ha detto...

I love this work so much!

Studio at the Farm ha detto...

Jane, that is so unbelievably cute and well-painted!!!

Tito ha detto...

Simpaticissimo Jane!.....e poi è blue un colore per me irresistibile. Ciao!

Jane Minter ha detto...

blue monday ! thanks judy

lydie girls loved this rabbit when they where small thanks - merci

thankyou sandra glad you think it works ...hope to see more portraits

hi rhonda thankyou :)

maria thankyou for visiting my blog and your comment.

sketchbook squirrel ..many thanks ...your new format looks good.

hi suzanne liked your last challenge on plastic ..big thankyou

had fun with this laura thankyou ... made a few initial sketches ..lost it a bit with the legs .

oh thankyou sadami girls really like this painting ...good question on your post this week !

thanks so much katharyn

ciao tito ..grazie mille a little red too :)

Tricia ha detto...

Cute bunny, Jane:)

John (JWJarts) ha detto...

Simply lovely. ;-)

Jane Minter ha detto...

trica thankyou :)

thanks john !

SKIZO ha detto...

Great Work
I invite you to visit my
photography blog

Nora MacPhail ha detto...

Cute! I like your wet-in-wet look. Fab.
Happy Painting.

JANE MINTER ha detto...

hi skizo the few photos i've seen of yours are v inspiring ... thanks for your link .

hi nora and you ..thankyou !

Bruce Sherman ha detto...

Hi Jane... This is my first visit to your lovely... and interesting site!

I love the colourful... painterly use of form... line and wash that you combine and use so proficiently in all of your fine sketches!

I also enjoy the personal "spin"... and genuine sense of attachment that your work conveys clearly to the viewer!!

A great first visit! I'll be back!

Good Painting!
Warmest regards,

Irina ha detto...

Sweet breath in blue. So good.

JANE MINTER ha detto...

hello bruce thanks so very much taking the time to look at my blog and leave such a perceptive comment .. i see you are both a gifted artist and writer .

JANE MINTER ha detto...

thankyou irina :)

Bruce Sherman ha detto...

Hi again Jane!... I see that we share other things than Art... sticks n' other things as well!

I studied in Venice for several months years back and have a daughter Allison who followed me there and now teaches Venetian Renaissance Church Architecture at Queen's University and Carleton U in Ottawa.She lives and teaches Venice Summer School each summer for Queen's U.... Smitten is the only word to describe that relationship!

Italy is such a spectacular place to call... "Home" for any period of time! My short stya changed my own life... forever!

Nice to connect! Love your site and work!

Good Painting!
Warmest regards... and Ciao,

JANE MINTER ha detto...

hi there bruce .. infact i noticed your beautiful dedication of Basilica di "Santa Maria della Salute" to your daughter must have fond memories of living here ..Italy has been my home for 15 years now :)

ciao j

Crystal Cook ha detto...

I just love this Jane. The softness is incredible!

JANE MINTER ha detto...

lots of water crystal :) thankyou for looking .