giovedì 26 aprile 2012


initial watercolour study 
32 x 41cm
canson fontenay
still life - painted from life no pencil WIP 

14 commenti:

Sonia Aguiar ha detto...

Estupendos matices impresionistas logrados a partir de unas humildes zanahorias. Te felicito.

Rita Vaselli ha detto...

Ciao Jane,le tue carote sembrano appena colte!E' un piacere guardarle,mi piacciono i colori mossi,le loro fusioni ed il bel contrasto tra i complementari che fanno vibrare il dipinto!

lupus ha detto...

¡wow....Jane! This work is brilliant,very clean your use of watercolour, and with an special atmosphere, ¡bravo!



Judy ha detto...

Beautiful bunch of carrots! Love the turquoise in this painting, not an obvious colour choice!

renate ha detto...

Hello Jane:) Beuatiful painting so far! I love the way you painted, soft with nice colors!

L.W.Roth, ha detto...

And another beautiful watercolour! This painting was a lot easier to do than the iPad exploration drawing I'll bet. Your past paintings have been inspirational Jane. I find myself looking at my vegetables before I cut them up for the salad; they might be glorious enough for making a painting.

Christiane Kingsley ha detto...

Painted without any pencil I wish I could do that! It looks really good.

Lydie ha detto...

J'aime le rayon de soleil qui réchauffe tes carottes, le bleu employé contraste joliment avec l'orange. Bises !

Jane ha detto...

Jane you have a real talent for putting poetry into whatever, your carrots are gorgeous !

Blaga ha detto...

Lovely texture and light in this watercolor

Studio at the Farm ha detto...

Exquisite, Jane! And I have a big friend who would LOVE them, too. :)

Sketchbook Squirrel ha detto...

Thanks for stopping by my FB page. These carrotts look so fresh and appealing, especially with their leaves blending so well with the gorgeous blues.

Sandra ha detto...

These are so beautifully painted - with such light! :0)

JANE MINTER ha detto...

sonia so glad you like it thankyou .

rita very fresh carrots from the market :) ..i enjoyed playing with the complementary colours

thankyou enrique for your kind words and following my blog didn't quite resolve this one but i'm glad you like the atmosphere..i admire your work greatly and love the stories your paintings tell.

judy i was painting outside with my youngest daughter ... playing with very vibrant colours :) thankyou.

renate thankyou see you've been painting lots of lovely cockrels.

linda the ipad sketch was quick and easy :)... i messed the second wash up on this but decided to keep with it and try and finish it as i really like the colours and some of effects ..thankyou see you like alessi .

christiane congratulations again should try i'm sure you can it's just drawing with the brush ..i like both without dwg and with dwg ..many thanks

lydie merci blockx yellow sunshine painted in strong sunlight:)

oh thankyou jane i love working from life i learn so much from painting still lifes.

blaga glad you like the textures .. washed areas off splattering lots water ..thankyou.

katharyn bruno would love these ! thankyou

ss that's ok ....thankyou:)

sandra thanks so much messed up areas like the idea of this might try again.