domenica 1 aprile 2012

textures - watercolour + string # 2

"watercolour on string rolled on wet paper and then placed on wet wash again "

" watercolour on string rolled  uniformly on dry paper"

"watercolour string dragged vertically on wet paper" 

"painted string dragged vertically on wet in wet wash"

...posting  a few more watercolour washes with string used for creating texture this time rolling and dragging the string  on wet and dry paper...the patterns are all quite geometric with circular and horizotal /vertical motions ..will post a few more washes later that are more organic.

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Jerry ha detto...

Thanks for posting these Jane, I've never tried this myself but I do enjoy experimenting with washes etc just for their own sake so I will definitely be giving it a go! The lower one would make a lovely water surface.

Mari Jose Molina ha detto...

Amazing! congratulations for your work, Regards!

Sadami ha detto...

Nice! My mentor encourages me to "play around" washes so much. Yes,I will!

Studio at the Farm ha detto...

I'm loving these studies, Jane. They're fascinating.

Anne@A Little Fur in the Paint ha detto...

Beautiful!! Lovely blog ~ I'm now following! So nice to "meet" you!
Anne ♥♥

JANE MINTER ha detto...

thankyou jerry hope you do give it a go ....i love doing washes for there own sake.

thanks mari for visiting will visit your blog .

sadami mine has too ...good to play around / mess around like this ...sure you will ciao j

hi katharyn got carried away yesterday ..have more to post thanks .

hi ann welcome and thankyou !