domenica 29 aprile 2012

textures - watercolour + alcohol + salt

texture swatch -  watercolour + alcohol + salt
initial watercolour wash  with alcohol and salt
canson fontenay cold press 300g/m2

.....alcohol was squirted in areas and also applied with cotton wool bud... salt was then sprinkled in areas .... the paper became translucent where the alcohol was applied .............when the paper was bone dry after a few days I was able to float another wash on top the initial wash.

4 commenti:

Rita Vaselli ha detto...

Ciao,Jane!Visto che hai sperimentato,due domande.Il traslucido che lascia l'alcool va via,in seguito?Ed hai usato alcool denaturato o quello bianco che si usa per fare i liquori?Grazie per queste condivisioni!Buona domenica!

JANE MINTER ha detto...

when it's held up to a window it is beautiful ..yes it disappears when it is completely dry rita .. here i used "alcool denturato 90%" rosa - alcohol used for cleaning...buona domencia

Sadami ha detto...

Beatufiul colour!! I love your washes.
What a coincidence. This week, I uploaded an alcohol wash.
Cheers, Sadami

JANE MINTER ha detto...

great use of wine sadami ...thankyou :)