mercoledì 11 aprile 2012

textures - watercolour + gauze

watercolour + gauze"
texture swatch 

I laid strips of  cotton gauze  in various ways on a blue wash  ... wet on dry ,wet in wet , wet gauze , painted gauze,wet gauze.... to see different textures and effects that could be made  .... I'd like to try this with a finer and larger pieces of  gauze ...the gauze dries relatively quickly . 
....a few years ago we visited Zentrum Paul Klee  museum in Bern Switzerland ..the collection was incredible... ...Paul Klee employed  watercolour on gauze and paper in his painting " Ab ovo."
You can also see how John Squire incoporates material in his watercolour  on his video which i posted last year here : 

13 commenti:

Sadami ha detto...

Oh, thank you so much for the beautiful gauzes and the useful info. I always learn something from you!

Anamaria do Val ha detto...

Thanks for sharing your experiences, Jane! love to see the textures you managed to get

Shirley ha detto...

Beautiful textures with watercolor. What exactly is the gauze you are using? Bandage material?

Anonimo ha detto...

Fabulous texture, Jane.

Studio at the Farm ha detto...

Jane, I love your experimentations. What next?

Tito ha detto...

Belle queste textures e molto interessante la tua presentazione. Grazie Jane! Ciao.

Judy ha detto...

Looks fab!

Sandra ha detto...

Another great idea I wouldn't have thought of! :0)

L.W.Roth, ha detto...

I like the textures Jane, but how can you control the gauze should you want to get that effect in a representational composition? Template maybe? Will it pick up when the paint dries without damaging the paper? One experiment always leads to others. Interesting post.

JANE MINTER ha detto...

sadami thankyou ... likewise :)learning all the time .

anamaria ..i find them interesting ..difficult to gauge whether to post these swatches or not...glad you find them of interest ..thanks

hello shirley yes ..i used a simple woven gauze bandage roll about 5cm wide ..thankyou for your kind comment.

hi there maggie ..thankyou !

katharyn lots to try still ...thanks

grazie mille tito

thanks judy :)

sandra there are lots of wonderful books on textures with watercolours ...will post a few references with my next post.

next step linda :) thankyou ! questions i'm asking too as this is just an initial swatch and crude... more experimenting ! ... the gauze lifts off no problem ...the swatch just shows the imprint of the gauze here ..... i will add another wash on a section to see what happens ...think the surface of the paper will be ok as the gauze is very light as with clingfilm .. i used a roll of gauze here if you used a piece of gauze it would be easier to control to cut and to make a template (you could always mask around the gauze if needed) with a collage to incoporate into your representational composition .. lots of solutions i'm sure .
many textures created with watercolour and cling film , salt gauze etc can be incoporated in paintings in clever and subtle ways .

Blaga ha detto...

I'm learning such interesting things from you, Jane. Thank you for sharing your ideas and experiments!

Tricia ha detto...

I'm enjoying the experiments on your
blog, Jane. Have you tried cheescloth? I also like tissue paper.

JANE MINTER ha detto...

hi blaga textures are great fun to do ... thanks

tricia ..i'd loved to try cheesecloth must be beautiful to work with ..will have to get hold of some ... i like tissue paper have made quite a few swatches with white and coloured tissue in the past ...have recently prepared off cuts of watercolour paper with tissue paper and mount board with gesso to play with...Ann Blockley's book on texture is a super reference and inspiration .