martedì 10 aprile 2012

colour theory - transparency + opacity - lifting + staining characteristics of watercolours

"red + purples"
testing for transparency + opacity  -  testing for lifting + staining properties 
watercolour pigments 

"yellows + blues"
testing for transparency + opacity  -  testing for lifting + staining properties
"watercolour pigments" 

testing for transparency + opacity  -  testing for lifting + staining properties
"watercolour pigments" 

....following Maggie Latham's 5th post on Exploring Colour  I'm posting one of the exercises suggested this month by Maggie   looking at properties and characteristics of watercolour pigments ... a simple exercise to see if colours are transparent (semi transparent) or opaque (semi opaque) to read more see Maggie's excercise 3 seemed a good opportunity to also test lifting and staining properties at the same time on the same sheet  ....inspired by some basic exercises  in  Linda Kemp's  Watercolour Painting Outside the Lines .... at the end I spent some time cross referencing with W&N colour charts and making additional notes of the characteristics of the pigments on the colour swatches ... ... the exercises will make valuable personal references  ..
The excercises are time consuming  but it's interesting to see  which transparent pigments are staining  or non-staining  and which pigments are opaque , semi opaque and or sedimentary .... alot of knowledge is already gained from painting and your own experience but actually making the time to make the tests and charts is invaluable.

...adding a note to my post as I've just finished reading Zoltan Szabo's chapter on Qualities of Transparent Watercolour pigments  "Watercolour Tips and Tricks " ... he explains the properties with great clarity and there are some excellent excercises to follow.

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RH Carpenter ha detto...

The exercises take time but you learn so much and have it right at your fingertips next time you pick up that tube of color :) And being such a color geek, I love seeing color swatches and tests! Maggie is doing a great service offering her knowledge on her blog for free :)

Cynthia Schelzig ha detto...

I too love looking at colors all lined up like this...a great exercise you show here!

Lydie ha detto...

Excellent travail Jane! Celui-ci , j'en suis sûre, te rendra bien des services. Bises !

Sonia Aguiar ha detto...

I like your blog because it's very interesting.
Best wishes from Sonia

Judy ha detto...

It is a lot of work but very helpful!

bluoso ha detto...

Si, cara Jane, nonostante il freddo e al pioggia a Pasqua le uova non possono mancare, soprattutto quelle di cioccolato! Ciao e grazie. Luigi.

Jerry ha detto...

that's so interesting - and really useful too - thanks.

Jeanette ha detto...

It is well worth time spent to go through these exercises and really see how colours perform.

It saves time and frustration in the long run for future paintings. And I love the charts of colour. I put mine in a little book and have them to refer to when needed - or to just look at. :)

Sadami ha detto...

Wow, Jane!
What a coincidence! I made my own colour chart 2 ago and will upload it next Mon. I felt the need to "know myself =using colours" in order to enjoy washes. Thank you for sharing the info.
Cheers, Sadami

JANE MINTER ha detto...

hi rhonda're right maggie "exploring colours" series is super... saw your green colour swatches ..will come and see your landscapes !

cynnie maggie's posted at lot of very good exercises this month .

hi lydie definately :) staining and lifting properties are interesting esp for wet in wet .. thanks lydie!

hello sonia thanks for looking .

hi judy ...worth it .. hope you're doing more excercises .

hi jerry... hope you look at maggie's blog .

Floriana Quaini ha detto...

Ciao Jane,
thank you very much for this informatiom I will try the same as Maggy Latham suggest.
Ciao, un abbraccio, Floriana

JANE MINTER ha detto...

luigi still have a few chocolate eggs left :) pouring today ...ciao

hi jeanette :) .... ... i have my favorite colours which i know well and many i don't know aswell the ref will be useful as you said...
just seen your post on acrylic swatches .

sadami good idea ..take some time to look at maggies posts ...look foward to your next post...ciao

JANE MINTER ha detto...

ciao floriana niente ....i'm happy to link back to maggie's post hope more join in like you...ciao j

Maggie Latham ha detto...

Hi Jane, Gosh these look really awesome!!! so neat. It is amazing how this kind of colour theory work really does help us become better painters. Just the brush work and pigment mixing alone has to be good for us (ol)....

JANE MINTER ha detto...

hi maggie ...thankyou again ..did them quite late at night ..a few wonky lines there ..enjoyed painting them ... bet you need a break after 100/1000 washes maggie ..just read Zoltan Szabo's chapter on Qualities of transparent watercolour pigments Watercolour Tips & Tricks ..he explains the properties with great clarity and excellent excercises .

Irina ha detto...

Great work done. I do not have neither time nor patience for proper color study. You will be my hero.